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Burning Man 2017

  • Sun, August 27, 2017
  • 12:00 PM (PDT)
  • Mon, September 04, 2017
  • 12:00 PM (PDT)
  • Black Rock City, Nevada


The annual Burning Man event started on San Francisco's Baker Beach in 1986. In 1990, it moved to the Black Rock Desert (BRD) and has been there since. BRD is about 120 miles outside of Reno, NV. In 2008, 49,000+ people showed up; in 2009 - just over 44,000; in 2010 another new record - 51,454; in 2011 it officially sold out at 54,000+ for the first time in it's history. In 2012 - 56,149. In 2013, over 69,613 people attended the event! 

What Is Burning Man? Once a year, tens of thousands of participants gather to create Black Rock City (BRC) in Nevada's Black Rock Desert, dedicated to community, art, self-expression and self-reliance. They depart one week later, having left no trace whatsoever. To learn more about this incredible experience, read about their culture (click here) and particularly their Ten Principles (click here). You can read more about Burning Man at their official website - (click here). Wikipedia has some background information - click here

The 2017 Art Theme is "Radical Ritual" - click here to read more about it. 

Dates: Sunday 8/27 - Monday 9/4, 2017 

Cost: $425 each for an "Individual Sale" entrance ticket (plus S/H fees) + the cost of a week of camping (food, water, etc) + fuel to get there and back. An additional $80 (plus fees) will be required for each vehicle entering the event - you must purchase a vehicle pass for each vehicle. 

You must register in advance for tickets (click here for important sale types and dates). And, you must have what's called a Burner Profile on file before the ticket sale starts (click here).  You should also have a an setup with using the same email address as listed on your Burner Profile.

This is a "free form" Great Outdoors (GO) event. Free form means there are no GO trip notes, registration forms or extra fees.  We would like you to register here also so we can let you know about future Burning Man and GO trips.  You will need to register with the Burning Man organizers and pay their ticket fees. GO members (and friends) will join forces and enjoy this event as a group or as individuals. The event goes for one week - but, you can go for a shorter period of time if you wish. We will camp together (or not if you wish) and enjoy some shared activities and events. We have a Facebook page for our camp - called Burner Buddiesclick here.

Once you actually purchase a ticket, email one of the contacts listed below as we keep a separate roster of those actually going to camp with us. 

Note 1: You must create a Burner Profile prior to purchasing any admission ticket for 2017. To create a profile, visit this page: click here

Note 2$990 & $1,200 Pre-Sale tickets - These are more expensive tickets. Part of your increased cost is to help out those who can't afford the full ticket price. Registration for this option begins at Noon on 1/25/2017 and ends at Noon on 1/27/2017. Further ticket information can be found online - click here. Don't forget to buy a Vehicle Pass when you purchase your ticket! 

Note 3: Regular "Individual Sale" ticket ($425 each) registration begins at Noon on 3/22/2017 and ends at Noon on 3/24/2017. You'll need to have or create a Burner Profile prior to registering - see Note 1 above. Individual Sale tickets for the 2017 event start at Noon on 3/29/2017. Further ticket information can be found at - click here. Don't forget to buy a Vehicle Pass! You have to be ready to log in at precisely Noon and get into a ticket queue. Waiting even 2 minutes after Noon will result in not getting tickets for 2017. Tickets and vehicle passes were processed and sold out within 45 minutes in 2016. 

Note 4: Other ticket options are available as well. Further ticket information can be found online - click here. Don't forget you'll need to buy a Vehicle Pass as well as a ticket! Tickets can also be found on the open market (e.g., - but you should never pay more than face value of the ticket to prevent scalping. Be very aware of counterfeit tickets (click here) when buying them on the open market - "buyer beware" applies to Burning Man tickets as well. 

What's it like to camp there? Look at their First Timer's webpage - click here. Be sure to read their Survival Guideclick here (the 2017 version will come out soon). You should start reading their newsletter called Jack Rabbit Speaks - click here.

Please Note: Burning Man is a clothing optional event. If nudity offends you, you should not attend this event! Our group is clothing optional as well (we will have naked people in our camp). 

Each person is responsible for his/her own meals. We do not organize a collective kitchen or meals (as some other camps do). 

Our group camp is a registered Theme Camp called Burner Buddies (and Nacho Daddies is part of our camp). You can read about Theme Camps or a Village. We don't charge any extra fee(s) to camp with us. We are a bunch of people who decide to camp together, share experiences and provide a place to be with others. Our Theme Camp issues Gay Cards (do you have an official one?), we host a large cocktail party with an abundant amount of snacks and when Nacho Daddies is part of us, we give away freshly made salsa, chips and cheese sauce (nachos). We have impromptu cocktail hours and share snacks with camp members. You are responsible for bringing everything you'll need - shelter (vehicle, tent(s), RV, etc.), shade, food, water, cooking equipment, bike, etc. Think of this as dry camping for a week. There are no shower facilities, but people take solar showers. Porta potties are placed throughout the event. Ice (cube or block) is available for purchase to keep your items cool. 

If you'd like to join our group, purchase your ticket and then send us your name and email address and we'll keep you informed. Our camp is full. If space becomes available, we'll keep you posted.

Additional Information/Contacts

Ed at (760)282-GOPS or via email at: 

- or - 

Ron at (760)218-2802 or via email at:

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