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Elected Positions

President (Elected) - The President is responsible for the operation of the chapter. The President shall have the authority to call official meetings and other functions of the chapter. The President shall ensure that his/her chapter is in compliance with the Bylaws and corporate policies of GO and those chapter officers are performing their duties. The President shall serve as chair of the general membership meetings and of the Core Group. He/she is an ex-officio member of all of the committees within the chapter. The President should periodically report to the Chair of the Board of Directors on the status of his/her chapter at his/her discretion or by enabling the Board Representative with messages to the quarterly board meetings.

Vice President of Outings (VPO) (Elected) - The VPO shall be responsible for organizing and maintaining the schedule of all chapter outings and other activities. (For purpose of the Bylaws "outings" generally refer to events which are more than one day in length and are usually outdoors and "activities" refers to such events as general membership meetings, day hikes, games nights and other one day functions.) The VPO shall notify the Chair of the Outings Committee of any changes from the GO Master Calendar.

Treasurer (Elected) - The Treasurer shall be responsible for the chapter's financial affairs, such as collecting and disbursing chapter funds and sending monthly Chapter Financial Reports, together with monthly payments, and a copy of a revised membership list with addresses reflecting additions and deletions for which GO dues are included, to the Financial Officer of the Board of Directors. Every chapter's financial account(s) shall have a minimum of two signatories. Furthermore, any financial transaction involving the withdrawal of funds from these accounts shall require two authorized signatures.

Appointed Positions

Board Representative (Appointed) - The Board Rep shall represent his/her chapter on the Corporate Board of Directors. The Board Rep shall keep the Corporate Board informed of the chapter's views and opinions and shall inform his/her chapter of the actions, decisions, and interpretations of the Corporate Board. He/She attends the quarterly board meetings.

Game Night Coordinator (Appointed) - The Game Night Coordinator schedules and organizes the Chapter's monthly Game Night potluck suppers.

Membership Coordinator (Appointed) - The Membership Coordinator is in charge of receiving new and renewal membership applications, entering data into the Club's roster and furnishing payments to the Club Treasurer. The Membership Coordinator also sends renewal notices out to members.

Newsletter Editor (Appointed) - The Newsletter Editor is in charge of publishing and mailing the monthly newsletter. Other members may be called upon for information and pictures for the monthly letter.

Publicity/Outreach (Appointed) - is responsible for promoting the Chapter. Duties include:

    • Prepares press releases for local and national newspapers, magazines, TV/Radio stations & social media sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, smart phone apps, etc.) to bring visibility to the Chapter
    • Promotes the Chapter to local business owners
    • Promotes the Chapter to prospective new members
    • Conducts (or assists) participation in the annual PS Pride Parade & after celebration(s) to promote the Chapter
    • Prepares an annual budget for the Chapter’s Outreach/Publicity program
    • Regularly attends the monthly Core Group Meetings

Secretary (Appointed) - The Secretary shall be primarily responsible for taking and distributing Core Group meeting minutes, verifying those in attendance and determining the quorum when required. The Secretary shall also assist the President if/as needed in the preparation of meeting agendas, correspondence and other tasks of a clerical nature. This position requires use of a computer, familiarity with word processing software and email communication with the Core Group (e.g., distribution of minutes, agenda drafts, etc.)

Social Events Coordinator (Appointed) - The Social Events Coordinator schedules and organizes the Chapter's year-end holiday party, its two annual summer pool parties and any other social events (excluding Game Nights) that it may sponsor on an ad hoc basis (e.g., mixers with other groups, Pride Weekend mixers, etc.).

Webmaster (Appointed) - The Webmaster is in charge of the local chapter's web site. He/she is responsible for keeping it up-to-date with schedules, events and things of interest.

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